The freeway doesn’t feel so free…

I’ve always been a huge hater of freeways. If you haven’t experienced LA freeways, consider yourself blessed. I usually avoid them at all costs. However, lately I’ve been hopping on a bit more often when I find that it saves me time. Hop on, zone out, hope off, arrive at your destination. Simple.









But in the midst of my fast driving and mind droning, I’ve missed out on a little bit of life.
One of my favorite things about taking the side streets is you really see the city. You can take the time to notice a bit more. Choosing to take street routes has enabled me to stumble upon some of my favorite hidden gems in LA.


Freeways don’t show you the cute towns with personality. They don’t convey the places that could be your new “regular-spot”.


Taking a not-so-rushed approach to life opens my eyes to new diners, fun shops, gorgeous weather, friends smiling, strangers interacting. When you get on a “non-stop” train, are you forgetting to stop & smell the roses?


All of this got me thinking…

Why is a freeway called a FREE-way? It doesn’t make me feel free. It makes me feel rushed, pushed, stressed, anxious, angry, and overwhelmed.
Want to know when I really feel free? Here goes…

Wandering barefoot around my apartment…
Walking my dog outside on a beautiful autumn day…
Sitting around, doing nothing with my boyfriend, feeling comfortable enoug
h to skip the makeup…
Reading an amazing book….
Doing yoga to allow my body to relax…
Feeling completely consumed and wrapped up in God’s word…


Those things make me feel free. Find your moments of freedom and be intentional. Life is crazy. Life is busy. Life is stressful. Sometimes, life can feel like a freeway. But we have to remember to stop and smell the roses…or stop and walk the dog 😉

Leave a comment on this post and let me know what makes YOU feel free.

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