Choose to be a guardian.

I don’t usually blog about movies, especially “kids” movies. However, “Rise of the Guardians” was completely different than I was expecting it to be.
While I was visiting my boyfriend’s family over Thanksgiving, we thought it would be fun to go see a holiday movie. The previews had silly elves in it…sure, we weren’t expecting anything deep or moving, but we knew it would be fun, anyway.

This movie completely blew me out of the water. “Rise of the Guardians” wasn’t a silly, childish movie at all. It was about a group of people who were called for something greater. One of the characters, Jack Frost, was puzzled for the majority of the movie about why he was expected to be a guardian. He was confused about why he was even there at all. Sound familiar? Do you ever wonder why you might feel called or led to a certain job or opportunity? Jack would look up to the moon (which sent him to be a guardian) asking, crying, and pleading as to what his purpose was.

Sometimes we are placed into circumstances that feel so much bigger than us. We find ourselves doubting and wondering why God would trust us with such a huge opportunity. God is trusting some of us to be guardians…to protect this culture, generation, and the children who will make an impact in the future.

The definition of a guardian is:
“A defender, protector, or keeper.”

In the movie, these select few were trusted with the task of protecting the children.
If you are a mother, God has selected you to be a guardian. If you are a teacher, God has chosen you to be a protector. If you are studying law, God has hand-picked you to be a defender. If you are trying to make an impact in the entertainment industry/culture in any way, God has called you to be a keeper…to guard, protect, and fight for the ideals of the next generation.

Like every great film, this one had an evil villain. The boogy-man would swoop in and fill the children’s minds with nightmares and dark thoughts. This doesn’t sound so much like a movie to me…it sounds like real life. With over-sexualized film, music & TV, pornography, broken families, divorce, grudges, pain, and hurt, the boogy-man can actually be real & alive in all of us. The question is: Who is going to guard, defend, protect, and keep us safe?

You might be a guardian. You might be called to something greater than you know. Don’t doubt, don’t fear, and don’t fight it. Embrace the big jobs God is trusting you with. Our world is full of impacts…negative & positive. If we must have a boogy-man, we must have a sandman…bringing back the good dreams and beautiful ideals.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you can make a positive impact on today’s culture.
Choose to be a guardian.

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