How to: pamper yourself on a budget.





As most of you know, I am extremely passionate about boosting self esteem in women and reminding you all that you are beautifully & wonderfully made! 🙂 Our insecurities and low self esteem often stem from us not feeling beautiful. Whether you’re a busy mom, hard working business girl, starving artist, or college gal, you’ve probably noticed that over time, we stop prioritizing our own personal health & beauty because due to finances (or lack there of).
Spa days, manicures, pedicures, the whole works…it gets expensive. However, it’s important for us to feel pampered and fabulous! I’m going to go over some big road blocks in the female fabulousness and give you some quick tips to help even the busiest, broke gals feel gorgeous & refreshed 🙂 From the emotional, mental, and physical, we need to keep ourselves renewed.

1-Too broke for a spa day. Want that mani/pedi but can’t afford it? Don’t give up all together. You’d be surprised how good you’ll feel after making some time for you. Once you have an hour free, run the tub. Grab some epsom salt from the 99 cent store. Throw that in along with your favorite scented, bubbly body wash (I recommend lavender because of it’s calming effects) and create your own homemade pedicure heaven. Soak your feet, read a good book, and drink some hot tea. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself. It’s necessary and crucial to staying sane. Paint those toes with a fun new color (change it up! Don’t get bored with the daily routines) and you’ll be surprised by how refreshed you’ll feel.

2-There’s no point in doing makeup. No one will even see me. As a yoga instructor, I could go weeks without putting on makeup or changing out of sweat pants. I could tell myself, “Well, no one cares. Why should I?” But the world doesn’t always have to revolve around everyone else. You shouldn’t only dress up and feel great when you have a hot date. You’re giving boys way too much credit, ladies. Try throwing on a fun, shiny lip gloss next time you go out to run errands. You’ll have that glow & you’ll feel fabulous about yourself. Putting in effort isn’t just for work, for dates, or for nights out. These are also things that can help improve your self image and make you feel awesome! 🙂

3-Makeup issues. I am not a makeup master. Makeup can be expensive, and sometimes the more we try, the more clown-like we look. Natural is best. But to add some fun to your everyday look (and save loads of money), take your favorite natural/nude lipgloss and add some lightly on the eyelids for a gorgeous shine. Want to go even further? Nude gloss can make a gorgeous bronzer. Not only will it  match your lips and look natural, but you gain a beautiful sun-kissed glow. Apply lightly on the cheek bones for a perfect shimmer.

4-Home should feel like home. You can’t relax at home if it doesn’t feel like home. Now, if you want decorating on a budget help, clip on that part of my blog. But there are ways to create a warm, homey atmosphere simply. Light candles…JUST FOR YOU! It doesn’t need to be a candlelight dinner date to bring out the candles. Lighting some scented holiday candles after a long day of work is an amazing, cheap way to wind down and relax. Create a peaceful environment for yourself.

5-Pamper your mind. In this generation, we completely stopped seeing the importance and benefits of reading. I love reading. I know it’s hard, but at least three nights a week, start reading a good book instead of watching TV. Not only is this good for the brain, but this will help you relax, unwind, and enable you to sleep better at night. Knowledge is power, ladies. This is a new day & age…and it’s fabulous to be informed & intelligent. Don’t dumb yourself down for anyone (career, men, friends, blah). Educate yourself…but find things that interest you and spark a fire of passion in your soul.

You don’t need a big budget to pamper yourself, relax, and feel GREAT about who you are. You are beautiful & fabulous. I challenge you to try these 5 simple things this week. When you’re done, go ahead and comment letting me know how you feel.

Alright, that’s enough. You can go be fabulous now.

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