How to: throw a fun, girls night soiree without breaking the bank!

So many of us let money control our lives. We let our bank accounts dictate what we can & can’t do. Maybe today you want desperately to host a party, but your wallet doesn’t quite agree. Don’t worry, starving artists. This post will show you how to plan a fun dinner party without breaking the bank!

1-Homemade=free. Why go out and purchase goody bags for your party when you can make them yourself? Homemade items are more personal, and leave your guests feeling like they were really thought of. I had some brown paper bags lying around, and simply held them together with a clothes pin & made a bow out of twine. Look around your apartment. See what supplies you could use…and get creative! Brown bags & twine will give your party a rustic, vintage, autumn feel.










2-What to put in your goody bags. Don’t go crazy. Your girlfriends don’t expect you to have $100 gift cards hiding in each bag. Once again, remember that personal is better. Make it personal. Fill your goody bags with your favorite, inexpensive things. I filled each bag with some of my personal favorite goodies: a tea candle, one bag of tea, one Martha Stewart recipe card (which you can find in any Martha Stewart magazine), and a ring pop (after all, we are girls!) 🙂











3-Handmake your place cards. Every fancy dinner soiree has place cards with each guest’s name. But did you know that these don’t have to be purchased? What do I keep saying?…Personal is better! Grab a leftover paper, brown bag and write each guest’s name on it. Cut out each name, use a clothes pin to hold onto it…and stick something pretty in there like a flower.










4-Decor doesn’t have to equal expense. 99 cent stores & dollar stores are loaded with amazing party supplies. You have to spend some time looking around, and you’ll find those classy gems that put the finishing touches on your soiree. The centerpieces I made only cost me $2.










4-Stations=fun. Set up fun stations so that your guests don’t suffer from boredom! These stations should not be expensive. Create a manicure station (just set out your own nail polishes and encourage the gals to go for it!). And create a craft station (I simply got cards, envelopes, magazines, scissors & glue. I let the girls make their own autumn stationary). Keep your vintage, autumn theme by making signs out of your brown paper bags for the different stations at your party.















#4-Don’t do life alone. You know how I always blog about how we can’t do life alone? This applies to throwing parties. Even if you’re the master hostess, the Martha Stewart of your friends…you can still use a hand! Throw the party potluck style. Have each girl bring an item. This way you’re not spending all of your money and time. I was SO blessed to also have girls who offered to come early to help set up, AND they stayed late to clean up! That is real friendship. Don’t let your soiree stress you out. Allow your friends to help.


















Alright, ladies! Go plan your autumn party…and remember: having a great time does not need to require a hefty wallet.


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