More than just an opened window.







Have you ever heard that saying, “When God closes a door, He opens a window”? Well, I have some thoughts regarding that quote.
Yesterday at church, I was completely consumed by what Holly Wagner had to say. She was talking about how God’s plan for our lives is abundance. But the problem is, we have to let go of the bad before God can hand us over the amazing.
Holly told a sweet story about a little girl who desperately wanted these dime store fake pearls. When she finally got them, she wouldn’t let them go. Her daddy would come into her bedroom every night to say goodnight, and he would ask her: “Do you love me?” The little girl would say yes. Her daddy would continue to say, “Will you please give me your pearls?” She would explain to her daddy that she really loved him, but she also really loved those pearls…so she just couldn’t hand them over. He would tell her it’s okay, kiss her forehead, and go on his way. This went on for a couple weeks, until finally, her daddy came into her bedroom and saw his daughter crying. She looked at him, opened up her hand, and gave him the dime store pearl necklace. At this very moment, her father smiled at her. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a box that had real, genuine pearls inside. He had them all along…but he couldn’t give her the true treasure until she handed over the cheap stuff.

Holly explained that this is what God is asking us to do. He wants to bless us. He wants to give us a life of beauty, treasure, and abundance. But He is waiting for us to hand over our cheap stuff so that He can give us the real prize. What are you holding onto? Is it drugs? Alcohol? A job that you know you can’t glorify God in, but you just don’t have the faith that God has something bigger & better? Is it an “okay” relationship? God desperately wants to bless us abundantly, but we have to give up this “okay” stuff first. If your job doesn’t glorify Him, believe that giving it up will enable God to provide you with the true dream. If you know your relationship is unhealthy and isn’t God-filled, don’t be afraid. Don’t be fearful of being alone. God has a real treasure waiting for you, but He can’t hand it over until you give up the “cheap stuff” first.

Back to the quote: “When God closes a door, He opens a window.”
I  don’t believe this to be true. Now before you freak out, hear me out. If you are closing doors in order to have a life that glorifies God, He isn’t going to merely crack open a tiny “decent” window for you. He is going to open up an entire kingdom. God doesn’t just have a small, open window waiting for you. He is waiting to bless and love you abundantly.

What He has for you is bigger than the door that is being closed.

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