Season of change…

Today in Los Angeles, it was the coolest thing (no pun intended). Finally, after months of ridiculously hot weather, the temperature changed. It was cooler outside. The clouds became darker, filling up with rain. And as the rain poured down, I was so grateful for this change. It was pleasant being outside…everything felt fresh and new.









That wasn’t the only change. The leaves  are actually starting to transition into fall. Even in LA, the leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground…









This got me thinking: if our God is capable of changing the weather, the temperature, the skies, and the leaves, why do we feel that we are a lost cause? We often tell ourselves that we are too far gone, too broken, too hurt, too ugly on the inside, too sinful, too messed up to be changed. God doesn’t even understand this kind of thinking. The same God who changes the colors of the leaves can change the colors of our hearts. Life is full of seasons, changes, transitions. These things come naturally from God. Just as those changes are natural, changes in our own minds & hearts should occur naturally as well.
If you don’t like the season you’ve been living in, maybe it’s time to let go, and fall into your own “autumn.” Maybe it’s time for a new season. God can make anything new. He is able to change us, inside and out.

If you are ready for the leaves of your life to take on new colors, fall into a new season and let God create your new autumn.

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