Swap & Shop!

Last night I had my connect group gals over for a very fabulous, girly night. If you are a starving artist or college girl who doesn’t have the wallet to go shopping, I have a solution for you. Have a “swap & shop”. What’s a “swap & shop”, you ask? It’s an incredible way to clean out your closet, bond with your girlfriends, and get some new adorable stuff…FOR FREE!

My closet has been bursting at the seams recently, so I went through and got rid of tons of stuff (and tons of shoes). Shoes can be one of the more difficult items to part ways with. But here are a few shoe rules that might help:

1-If the shoe doesn’t fit, you can’t wear it anymore.
2-If the shoe is too uncomfortable to stand in, let alone walk in, say adios.
3-If the shoe is adorable, but the “perfect moment” to wear it hasn’t come in 3 years, that “perfect moment” will probably never come. Those shoes will just collect dust. Send them packing.

So, thanks to my amazing girlfriends, I was able to make some room in my closet! Also, I ended up snagging a pair of jeans that fit perfectly from one of the gals, and two adorable necklaces!

I highly recommend having a “swap & shop” with your girlfriends. One of the girls, Brittany, is amazing at organizing. She grouped all of the different items together into different sections: shoes, dresses, tops, sweaters, jeans, etc.
Find your friend who’s the organizer of the group and have her separate your swapping stuff! That way, it’s easy for everyone to glance around the room and find the perfect fit for them. Also, chocolate makes any girls night 100 times better. Brittany also brought chocolate silk pie to take this event to a whole new level 🙂

Of course, not every item finds a new home. So, we suggest finding an organization to donate the leftover clothing to. One of the girls in my group will be taking all the left over stuff from our “swap & shop” to the Alexandria House, which is a transitional residence for single women & women with children in the process of moving from an emergency shelter to a forever home.

Clean your closet, bond with your girlfriends, donate together for a good cause, AND walk away with some incredible goodies without ever opening your wallet.

One thought on “Swap & Shop!

  1. Perfect timing for this message . I need to get on this right away. I have more than enough and many things I will not use during the remainder of my time here on this earth. What a wonderful way to spend your time with friends and everyone benefits. Thank you once again Rachael.

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