Is life a puzzle, or are we just puzzled?

Do you ever feel like your life is random? Do you have “disconnected desires”? Do you ever feel like you’re going through the motions of daily routines, but none of it fits in with your purpose? (You might be asking yourself right now if you even have a purpose.) Maybe this crazy world has just left you feeling puzzled.

Have you ever tried to put together a puzzle before? It is thought & time consuming. The most frustrating part is when you’re working really hard, and suddenly realize that a few pieces of the puzzle are missing! You panic. You look everywhere. Under the couch, under the rug, you’re opening up different game boxes in search of the missing pieces. But no luck comes your way.
Sometimes life feels like a cruel puzzle…something that could be so beautiful when completed, but it seems impossible to understand when so many crucial pieces remain missing.
Picture your life right now as a puzzle. If your puzzle looks anything like mine, you might be missing a few pieces. Maybe you have a few things in place: friendships, a job that’s paying the bills, and a place to live. Maybe what you’re missing is: a life of fulfilled dreams, doing things you’re passionate about, and maybe you’re still waiting to find your prince charming, too (check under the rug).

I often find myself wondering how everything is going to come together and make sense. I wonder if there is any rhyme or reason to my life, or if it is just simply numerous, disjointed choices.
Romans 8:28 tells us that all things work together for good to those who love Him. You might be doubting this statement right now. Sometimes, without seeing the entire finished masterpiece, our lives just look like a bunch of random pieces that don’t fit or belong anywhere.

Before you try to put your puzzle together, break down the individual pieces first. Here are some different pieces of life that I am passionate about:
-Serving others
-Using film/television/blogging/different outlets of media in today’s culture to make a positive impact
-Living a life centered around Christ
-Being part of a community and team

For a very long time, all of those things seemed completely disconnected to me. But the amazing thing about that Romans 8:28 verse is that when we love God and seek Him, He brings all things together for good. He put specific desires on your heart for a reason. The more I began to pray and seek His will in my life, the pieces stopped being so disjointed…they actually started coming together and fitting perfectly into place, living in harmony with one another.

I am now teaching yoga at a Christian based wellness center where I am part of an incredible community & team of people who are supporting me. These people are partnering with me and enabling me to do God’s will for my life and serve others. This wellness center is now putting together incredible ways to make an impact and help others through filming workshops to provide wellness and health to people all over the world.  Through the experiences I am gaining, I am able to blog and write and share my thoughts with other young women who are on the same path to finding God’s purpose for their lives and following their dreams.

See how some seemingly disconnected desires can be so easily fastened together with the help of God? Nothing you have experienced is a waste. Your past (good or bad) is not wasted. God wants to use every experience, every joy, every heartache, every goal, every trial, and every triumph for His kingdom.
Maybe you come from a broken family and you feel that it will hinder your ability to help others. Wrong. Your experiences will add to your testimony and work together for the glory of God’s kingdom.
Maybe you changed majors 4 times in college and feel that certain classes you took were a waste of your time, money, and energy. Wrong. The knowledge you have gained will add to your strength and ability to take on your dreams.

It’s hard to visualize our lives when a few of the pieces are missing, but the big relief is that it’s not our job to put the pieces together. Keep living your life, and know that if you are loving & seeking God, He will bring all things together for good.

Your puzzle may not be complete yet, but the pieces aren’t missing.

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