God on demand.

The other day, I was flipping through HBO on demand, hoping to find something interesting to watch. This slogan kept repeating and repeating:

“Finding more ways for you to enjoy what you love-better.”

I guess that’s a pretty good slogan and a pretty good promise. Aren’t we always doing that? I’m a perfect example. Hundreds of TV shows to choose from, yet, I’m still flipping to “on demand” in hopes that there will that perfect thing…that perfect show…that perfect way to enjoy what I love, but even better.

This got me thinking: we put so much time, effort, and even money to invest in what we enjoy. We value these things and want to enjoy them more, love them more, seek them more. But am I doing this with God?

Growing up, I’d give myself a million excuses not to read the bible. “It’s boring…I’m tired…I’m busy…I don’t understand it.” Still, I would swear I loved God. This may have been true, but was I enjoying Him? I certainly didn’t enjoy the typical traditional Baptist church. I certainly didn’t enjoy spending time in God’s word. But I wasn’t seeking out new ways to enjoy being a Christian. Truth be told, I didn’t know that was a possibility.

There are so many different translations of the bible now…everyone can find what they understand and relate to and actually get close to God. Right now, I’m reading a book called “The Great Pursuit”. It’s scripture mixed in with commentary and applicable quotes from musicians & historians. I understand it. I relate to it. But most importantly-I enjoy it.
The same goes for churches. There are tons and tons of churches…all different types…different music, different atmosphere, different traditions. This is beautiful because we are unique. Our relationship with God is unique and won’t be identical to anyone else’s.

I love God…but I don’t want to stop at that. I want to constantly, intentionally seek out ways to enjoy Him better. There’s no way for us to have an authentic, close relationship with God if we aren’t even able to enjoy spending time in the word or seeking Him more. We can spend hours flipping channels, buying new cable packages, ordering new things from HBO on demand, all because we are seeking new ways to enjoy what we love better. God wants us to finally change the channel to a relationship with Him. God is waiting for us…hoping that we will take the time to invest in this relationship. He wants us to seek Him so that we can enjoy a fulfilling life of love.

The great thing about “God on demand”…no purchase necessary. You don’t need to reach for your credit card. However-it is an investment. We have to invest our time, our minds, and our hearts. We have to train ourselves to seek Him. It might feel like a chore at first, but you’ll find that in the process of seeking and developing your own unique relationship, each day you’ll find more ways to enjoy it better.

If you’re interested in ordering your package of “God on demand”, put down your wallet! Simply talk to God & let Him know you’re interested. Get started today, and enjoy what you love-better!
This special offer has no expiration date.

One thought on “God on demand.

  1. You get a big Amen here…. Beautiful insight and discernment (filled with the Holy Spirit ) and well stated Godly truths. Our Lord and Savior has truly gifted you in your communication and writing abilities and more importantly, understanding and application of His Word. .Thank you for sharing. I so enjoy your site.

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