So much can be done with a nice cup of tea.

There is something pretty magical about a nice cup of tea. A hot cup of coffee or tea gets me going in the morning. It helps to wake up my tired mind and sleepy eyes, and it warms me up. But it warms more than just my body…it warms my soul.

I like to talk to God over a cup of tea in the morning…and I always have a hot cup of something caffeinated on hand when I’m reading. Something about it just relaxes and opens up my mind & heart. Not only when I’m talking to God, but when I’m talking to friends.

Can you imagine how awkward it would be to meet a new friend and say, “Hey, why don’t you just come over and sit in my apartment and we’ll stare at each other and have deep conversations.” Yes-It’s good to have intention behind our friendships. But the magic of coffee & tea is that it can be quite the ice-breaker. I like to meet up for coffee with friends (which I actually did yesterday, in fact) and just sit & chat while we sip on our favorite drinks. As you’re sitting with your friend, only intending to have fun and enjoy a delicious beverage, deep, meaningful conversations start to erupt all on their own. These normal, everyday routines such as starting the day with tea can turn into bonding experiences.

One of my favorite women, Sally Clarkson, has tons of gorgeous tea sets & tea cups from all over the world. I’ve been collecting tea pots since I was a little girl, so every time I’m in her home, my eyes can’t be torn away from the beautiful china. Recently, she was telling me that like a tea pot, we are meant to pour into the lives of others. But, like a tea cup, we also need others to pour into our lives as well. We need to be filled up. This really resonated with me (and not just because I’m addicted to tea). This was such a lovely, symbolic metaphor.

For the fall season, I’m leading a connect group through my church in my tiny, little studio apartment. I was expecting maybe two or three girls to show up. Much to my surprise, the group is huge…and constantly growing! God is blessing the group immensely, and I know that genuine, strong friendships will be built. Each week when we meet, we write our prayer requests on a sticky note. Then, we switch sticky notes. I send each girl home with their “sticky note prayer buddy” and tell them they need to make contact with that person at some point during the week. This way, each person will be pouring into another girl’s life (by calling her or meeting up), but each girl will also have someone pouring into her life by reaching out and calling her. I am hoping to meet my prayer buddies for coffee or tea, as it is one of my favorite ways to bond and regroup.

Tea can relax the mind, help us focus, assist us in bonding & developing friendships, warm us up to God, and teach us how to pour into the lives of those around us. Start your day today with a nice cup of tea, and who knows where the rest of your day may lead you 🙂

One thought on “So much can be done with a nice cup of tea.

  1. Pretty honored to be noticed here–and when are we going to get one more cup of tea together? You are a pretty amazing woman and I do not know how you do it all. I think I need one of your yoga classes for real. Great article. BTW You are one of my favorites, too.

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