Can coffee change the world?

This morning, I woke up bright & early because I knew 7/11 was giving out free large coffee. There’s nothing I love more than a good cup of coffee or tea in the morning. As I walked over there, I saw so many smiling faces. The little store was packed full of people, all looking around at each other saying, “Is this really free?!”
If you don’t live in LA, let me inform you about something. People in LA don’t smile much. Especially in the morning. Also, I’ve lived here for almost 4 years, and strangers don’t usually chit chat much. People keep to themselves, do their own thing, and tend to block out the rest of this world. But 7/11 brought the community together this morning by making everyone’s morning a little brighter.
People were thankful, happy, excited, even a little giddy. Moments like this I thank God, not only for the Heaven-sent gift of caffeine, but for bringing people together and uniting the community. That’s the way it was meant to be. 7/11 was changing the entire attitude of my community by offering this free coffee.

Today, I encourage you to find a way to reach out and be a part of the world around you. Maybe that means finally talking to the neighbor you’ve lived next to for three years. Maybe that means saying hello to a stranger on the street…or just giving a simple smile to those who pass you by. It was so beautiful this morning to see so many people in this North Hollywood neighborhood talking to each other and exchanging smiles. (One man even opened the door for me and wished me a great day…which is rare out here!)
I like to have my girlfriends over in the mornings and bond over a good cup of coffee. But today I was able to see an entire neighborhood doing just that.

We can’t always change the world in a day. You might not even be able to change your entire community in a day like 7/11 did. But try to at least change the way you interact with those around you today.

It all starts with a smile, a happy attitude, and a hot cup of coffee.

2 thoughts on “Can coffee change the world?

  1. LoL Oh yes…I was born and raised in Cali I remember 😉 Thankful you have the fruit of His Spirit and you are spreading the fragrance of Christ! God be praised for you…a lady of the Most High!

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