Hollywood just got a little juicier…

My boyfriend and I attend a great church (Oasis) in Hollywood. After church yesterday, I was telling him how much I was craving a wheatgrass shot. Everyone around me has been getting sick, and I really wanted to avoid that…so I was ready to take action. As I was trying to remember where the nearest Robeks Juice or Jamba Juice was located, Nathan’s eyes caught a brand new hole-in-the-wall juice heaven, Open Source Organics.









Nathan stayed in the car to keep it cool (since it was almost 100 degrees on this Hollywood day). As I stumbled into this little place (which had only been open for two weeks), I was greeted by the happiest, kindest workers. They were SO sweet (which is refreshing to find in Hollywood). They were extremely helpful. I told them I was interested in getting a shot of some sort that would be renewing for me, and one for my boyfriend that wouldn’t taste horrible and scare him. They chose a shot for each of us, and I was able to take them home in these adorable glass bottles. I will be going back to this lovely place every time I’m in Hollywood. This is by far one of my new favorite places in all of Los Angeles.

From the amazing menu, delicious fresh flavors, warm & fuzzy service, and adorable non-wasteful packaging…I can’t recommend this place enough.

The genuine, sweet people who run this place are just as refreshing as the organic juices & shots they serve.

Open Source Organics website: opensourceorganics.com

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