Are you putting God in a cubicle?







Coming back to LA after two amazing weeks at Summit Ministries, God put numerous dreams on my heart that I had been subconsciously letting slip through my fingers. I have this blazing passion for writing and talking to people. I love reading, and studying the writers that I aspire to someday be at least in the shadow of. However, everyday life can take its toll on the soul.

Today, I was thinking about all the things I love…and I started praying & asking God why He put so many dreams on my heart. Why would He give me a heart that’s passionate for so many things? Doesn’t He know we live in a generation that tells us to  go to college, choose our occupation and stay there in that cubicle until retirement?

I realized that God wasn’t putting me in a cubicle…I was putting God in a cubicle.

We don’t have a God who chooses one tiny career for our lives. We don’t have a God who wants us to be miserable or bored. But we also don’t have a God who gives us the easy route. The amazing thing about God is that everyday I am realizing more and more that His dreams for me are far bigger than any dream I could fathom for myself.

If you see writing, God sees reaching millions. If you see going into medicine, God sees you healing. If you see teaching, God sees an opportunity for you to help others see Him. If you see yourself being a mother, God sees you being a servant and taking on one of the most difficult tasks imaginable.

I was blessed to have John Stonestreet as a speaker at Summit. His discussion on “what to do with your life” really put my passions into perspective. If you ever have doubts regarding your dreams being God’s dream for you, think about this quote by Frederick Buechner: “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deepest hunger meet.”

John Stonestreet asked us to think about two questions:
1-What makes you feel most alive?
2-What deeply bothers you/breaks your heart about the world today?

Answering those two questions is an amazing way to begin the thought process of where God might be calling you.

Even if you have a degree in one thing, don’t put your life in a box. Don’t put God in a box. Stay faithful and remind God that you will follow where He leads. There are men in their 80s getting masters degrees. A couple weeks ago, my dad told me he was trying to figure out how to play a new song on the piano. If I took anything from my experience at Summit, I realized how much I love learning. You are never too old to learn, grow, or be moved by God.

Read a book a week. Take a new class. Dream a bigger dream. Pray with genuine belief & faith that God has a plan for you.

When we put our dreams in a cubicle, we are putting God in a cubicle. Imagine how incredible your life might look if you knocked down those cubicle walls and ran free…



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