Is your door open or closed?

I’m a young woman who is blessed and enjoys life. However, more than once, life has thrown me a few curve-balls and sometimes left me feeling cynical, doubtful, and faithless. Our hearts house so many things. We can open our hearts and allow life to inspire us, or we can close that door and remain isolated and bitter.

This has me wondering:
What age are we supposed to stop believing in fairytales, Santa, and the tooth fairy? Heck-the tooth fairy used to write me notes, and it didn’t even phase me that her handwriting was oddly similar to my mama’s (just a bit smaller).

Even worse, we get older and stop believing that God has any real power. We begin doubting our faith, our values, and this leaves us feeling lost and uncertain of who we are as women. The most dangerous thing for young women is losing faith, because then we lose sight of who we are.

I opened up my bible & my devotional tonight (without necessarily opening my heart) like every other night. If I can be honest with you, I began reading because I thought I “should.” I thought it was the “right” thing to do. I wasn’t expecting to be moved by God or hear Him at all.
I started with today’s daily devotional titled “Just Say Yes”, which was all about truly believing that God wants to perform whatever miracle you need today. It talked about being open and knowing that He is waiting and wanting to work wonders. Sometimes this concept is hard for us to accept, and even wrap our minds around.
“Hmmm…alright…” I thought. “Moving right along…”
I opened up my bible to a random page. It opened up in Matthew, and was all about the incredible miracles that Jesus performed.

“Jesus heals many…Jesus calms a storm…Jesus heals two blind men…Jesus heals a man unable to speak…”

Something I love about my relationship with God is that He has a sense of humor. He sees each of His children and knows when we need a reminder. He knows my heart and knows when my tank is low. He knew my heart was aching tonight, and feeling doubtful that He was really here for me and really wanted to work in my life. I found myself smiling and giggling, as I realized He was probably looking down at me saying, “See, Rachael…I’m right here!”

My bible and my devotion were clearly telling me that God isn’t the problem. I am. He is ready to use me & work in my heart…but I have to believe and accept that truth. If I’m slamming the door in His face and throwing away the key, how could I expect a miracle?
Sometimes I want so badly to control my life that I forget God wants to take some of the tension off my shoulders.

Scripture talks about having faith like a child. Believe that God is capable of endorsing your wildest product. Believe that He will put His stamp of approval on your biggest dream. And believe that if you leave your door open and leave Him a little space, He can do bigger things in your life than you can possibly fathom. For us to receive help from God, we have to be open and accept it.

With a closed heart, there’s no room for a miracle. But just imagine the incredible things God would be capable of if you only invited Him in. Leave your door open tonight.

One thought on “Is your door open or closed?

  1. Not only will God remove some of the tension, but He will lead us in the right direction…..God has a plan for our life and it very well may be different than the one we think it is. Thank you so much for your honesty and insight in sharing. God is always in control (Sovereign) and will never leave nor forsake us. He sees the BIG picture. We only see the small one. May God continue to bless you and open the eyes of your heart as you continue to study His Word. And share.

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