Your faith will cleanse you.

There is something so beautiful and symbolic about being cleansed. The idea of cleansing is to be refreshed and renewed. It’s interesting how sometimes when something in my heart or my mind feels broken or foggy, washing my face or taking a shower can sometimes make me feel that I am being cleansed of whatever is clouding my thoughts.

I love essential oils. They are so pure, refreshing, and cleansing. I use them sometimes while teaching yoga, and it really helps to relax the body & the mind. Once again, feeling clean on the outside can sometimes cleanse the areas of our hearts that have a few cobwebs to clear out.
My boyfriend and I were wandering around after church yesterday in Hollywood, just running errands. As we were leaving the 99 cent store, there was a woman on the corner who was selling essential oils and homemade perfumes. I always love supporting local, small businesses…and I just loved all of her products. I couldn’t help but make a purchase, buying a wonderful, clean scented body oil for Nathan. As we got into the car, we began talking about how much Jesus loved cleansing, and even loved oils.

Multiple times in scripture, the importance of helping to cleanse each other/serve one another comes up in conversation with Jesus. In Luke chapter 7, a harlot stands at Jesus’ feet…sobbing…allowing her tears to fall onto him. She then dries his feet and anoints them with perfume. Jesus saw her effort. He saw her gratefulness…and he forgave her for her sins. He told her that her faith had saved her.
In John 13, Jesus washes the disciples feet. Peter tried to battle Jesus about this, feeling uncomfortable and not wanting to allow his master to wash his feet. Jesus explained to them that since he had washed their feet, now they must wash each other’s feet.

Jesus believes in cleansing, in serving, and in being restored & renewed. But what I take away from scripture is that we can’t do this alone. We aren’t here just to serve ourselves, cleanse ourselves, and feel good about ourselves. We are here to love and serve those around us, and help restore the brokenness that’s right in front of our eyes.
Another thing that is so apparent to me in scripture is that Jesus himself says that faith will save us. We can’t feel cleansed or be made new without having faith in our God. That incredible faith is what will save us from grief, suffering, financial distress, heartbreak, disappointment, and all of the mistakes & sins that we create.

I don’t know about you, but I often feel like I need a miracle. I sometimes feel like I would give anything to be made new…to feel cleansed of all the stupid things I’ve done. The beautiful thing is that it’s possible. It’s tangible. Our faith in God will cleanse us, and enable us to help cleanse those around us.

When you shower today or put on your favorite perfume, imagine Jesus cleansing you and reminding you that your faith will save you. You are made new & restored because of how much he loves you.

Go spritz on some perfume and start over fresh with the cleansing faith you have today.

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