Friendship you would run, jump & squeal for.

Have you ever felt so alone that something begins to physically ache inside of you? You might be going through your daily routine, unaware that anything is missing in your life. Waking up alone, eating alone, getting in your car alone, going to work, getting back into your car alone, and returning back home.

Living alone, and being an independent person and sometimes introvert, I sometimes forget how badly I miss community. We weren’t created to live alone. We were made to inspire others and to be inspired by others.

I think my dog, Abby has the right idea. She knows exactly where her best friend, Buster, lives. Buster, the little black dog, lives around the corner…and Abby will lead and drag me right to his front door, pleading for me to take her inside to see him. Why? Because life with a friend is more fulfilling than life alone. Dogs enjoy living in packs. They want community.

Don’t forget the importance of friendship today. Maybe you need a friend, and are desperate for someone to reach out. Or maybe you could take a leap of faith, step out of your comfort zone, and be an inspiration to someone you know. I think the problem is we try to look too cool these days. We feel like it’s not “cool” or “smooth” to tell someone to come over. But the truth is, that’s the way it was meant to be. We want to look like we don’t need anyone around. But we do…desperately. We are meant to find joy, and pure excitement in friendship. Abby isn’t subtle about her excitement while walking to Buster’s house. She is running and squealing.

Simply inviting someone over for a cup of coffee might be the highlight of their week. Run, jump, and squeal on over to your neighbors house.

2 thoughts on “Friendship you would run, jump & squeal for.

  1. Thank you Rachael for your inspirational thoughts and writings. I like you are pretty much alone as you say. I have two doxies and I love them so much. They show what real unconditional love is but I can not say that they are as excited about friendship with other pups as your friend Abby is. She is adorable. I agree that we sisters in Christ definitely need to support, up hold and lift one another up. Hope and pray your Dad is home now and doing well.

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