You can still have your fairytale ending.









Being 21, having multiple jobs, having my own apartment, and unfortunately paying all of the rent myself, forces me into a world of being a woman. People expect me to be poised and professional at all times, and to always have it all together. However, at the heart of every woman, no matter what your age may be, you’re still a girl.

I was walking around The Grove the other day with my boyfriend & our buddy. The Grove is this fabulous outdoor shopping center in LA with fun stores, yummy restaurants, and a really cute farmers market. Every time I’m at The Grove, there’s one store in particular that I can’t quite keep myself from running into. It’s the American Girl store. If you’re not familiar with American Girls, you are missing out. The American Girl store at the grove is HUGE. It is full of every kind of doll you can possibly imagine. Not only that, but doll clothes, houses, cars…I think they even sell dolls for your dolls! At 21 years old, I still get giddy when I walk around this store. Because at the heart of every woman, there is a little girl with an innocent heart.

As if the dolls weren’t bad enough, I love fairytales. There is still something so beautiful to me about a classy, graceful woman doing the right thing, and of course, ending up with prince charming. Our generation, our culture, and ultimately our world, forces us to grow up quickly and turn into cynics. We are viewed as ridiculous if we still long for an innocent, true love. We are looked down upon for dreaming a dream that seems “out of reach” to the rest of the world. Worst of all-we are sometimes even looked at as silly for respecting ourselves, cherishing what is important, even saving sex till marriage. Why? Because this world is breeding cynics. The world we live in doesn’t encourage women to fight for their fairytale ending…but it can exist.

If you are a parent, I’m sure you’ve told your daughter that no matter how old she gets, she’ll always be your little girl. I think what makes me feel the most special in my relationship with God is that He will always  view me as the innocent little girl who loves dolls and fairytales. Regardless of what I’ve done, regardless of my countless sins, regardless of what I’m going to do wrong in the future, He will always see my heart as pure and innocent.

Maybe you’ve made a few mistakes…or more than a few. Welcome to the club. That doesn’t mean the fairytale is over for you. God sees your heart and He says He loves you anyway! He sees the lost, lonely women seeking love in all the wrong places, and He still thinks of them as princesses!

Many fairytales have princesses who are locked up in a tower…forced to be isolated and prisoners in their own lives. Maybe that’s where you are right now. You might be stuck in a world full of hurt, pain, and sin…but you’re still a princess. We have a God who wants to release you from your tower, and unchain you from your burdens. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, you are a princess and you are worthy of love, respect, and happiness.

It is never too late for you to have your fairytale ending.

8 thoughts on “You can still have your fairytale ending.

  1. I LOVE this! Not many women wait for marriage, I’m proud of all YOU ladies who choose to wait! It REALLY is worth the wait!
    This post is such an encouragement this morning! Although I found my honorable and godly man 14 years ago(Wow, I never thought I would feel so old all of a sudden…I’m only 32!) I am very encouraged to read this. God is such an awesome God!

    1. Becky, thanks for taking the time to read this and encourage me! I’m so inspired to hear that you found your prince charming 🙂 I hope that the rest of your fairytale is wonderful.

  2. So sweet! I utterly agree. As a mommy to 4 precious little girls(plus, a sweet little boy), I want them to get that! I am in the middle of my fairy tale, and I am so glad I married the man God wanted for me. The carriage ride has been a bumpy one(sometimes more than I thought it would ever be), but I am so thankful for my Lord who is leading the carriage. Thank you for this reminder, and I can’t wait to read this to my girls today.

    1. Misty, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I was so lucky to have parents who constantly reminded me I was worthy, and your girls are so blessed to have you. You are so right-even when life seems out of control, you stay on the right track as long as God is the one leading your carriage.

  3. Love that this is still what you’re holding out for…and yes…our girls LOVE American Girl dolls. Just a precious post…and beautiful reminder of how God still sees His girls 🙂

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