I’ve realized in life as an adult that no matter how drained you are or how fried your brain may be, you’ll always end up having another choice to make. There is a statistic that says the average adult makes about 35,000 decisions each day! Crazy, right?

What to have for breakfast…
Which t-shirt to put on…
Whether or not to finally do the laundry…
Which person you want to text…
Which emails you’re actually going to respond to…
What to eat for lunch…
Exercise, or no exercise?…
Go out for dinner? Or stay in and cook…
Dessert, or no dessert…

 That’s just to name a few. Obviously, the daily decisions I just listed probably won’t be huge, life changing ones. But, big or small, our choices add up, they begin to define who we are, and they can change the course of our lives.

Life has thrown me some pretty interesting opportunities. As a Christian, it can be difficult to live in this world but not live of this world. In fact, it sometimes seems impossible. I used to dread reading the bible when I was a little kid. I felt that I couldn’t relate to it, it didn’t apply to me, and I thought it was just full of stories about old people who were nothing like me at all.
Then, I got the message version of the bible. I didn’t have an excuse any more. Those words were put into terms I understood, related to, and it tugged on my heart. I stopped viewing the bible as homework, and started viewing it as a survival guide. I stopped making my own choices (which didn’t always turn out so great), and started letting God’s word guide me into a good direction. The bible isn’t God’s way of giving us rules to make our lives boring. It’s His incredible gift to us. He loves us so much that He wants us to be healthy, happy people here on this earth.

The more you change your decision making, the more it changes the core of who you are. When I started making healthier decisions for myself, every aspect of my life improved. Most important of all is choosing to be joyful. It’s so easy in life to dwell on the negative stuff. Sometimes we are overwhelmed with grief, and that can be a tough ditch to dig out of. But waking up each morning and telling yourself it IS going to be a good day, actually makes the day better.

People say that forcing yourself to smile can actually make you happier. It’s the same with choosing joy. My Mimi always loved saying, “This is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it.”
My Christian summer camp also had a song about that verse we would sing. But those aren’t just words. It’s an incredible instruction.

God gave you today. It’s a gift. Even if you don’t love your job, even if you’re feeling inadequate, even if you’re feeling unnoticed, even if you’re feeling alone…try to find the joy in today. God sees your hurt. He sees your pain. And He wants your faith to be so incredible that it can heal your circumstances. That’s what the joy in our relationship with our God can do. It brings healing to the most devastating moments.

Maybe today isn’t going so great. You might already have a million negatives piling up on you…making you feel like caving in. But we have some pretty huge positives:
We have a God who loves us more than we can even wrap our minds around.
And we are alive to hang tight and have faith  for the better days to come.

Hang in there, and find your joy.

3 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Sweet Rachael,
    I think you are amazing. I love your heart, your energy to always find something to share, a way to inspire, an idea to help. You are such a model to me and I love coming to your blog. Keep writing, as you have a gift.

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