Nowhere near ordinary.

I am in awe this morning, and am almost unable to write this at all. Words won’t be sufficient. Last night, me, my boyfriend, and our friend went to the midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises.” We were filled with excitement and anticipation of the film. People all across America were doing the same thing. Just an ordinary night out, doing something fun.

When I got home from the movie,  my boyfriend called me and informed me that something truly horrific had happened. In Colorado last night, people were doing exactly what we were doing. They were sitting in the midnight showing, prepared for a fun evening. A gunman opened fire during the film and killed 12 people, and injured 38. One of the injured was only 3 months old. It almost doesn’t sound real. It sounds like a scene out  of a horror movie…or a terrible nightmare. The more I let it sink in, the more overwhelmed I felt. I was sitting and watching a film while people were being put through hell in another state for doing the exact same thing as me.  I fell asleep last night praying, and just asking God to help this crazy world.

I honestly can’t wrap my mind around that kind of evil. I can’t imagine the terror that these people must have felt. Even worse, I can’t fathom how their families and friends must be grieving right at this moment. Because of one man’s evil, so many lives are forever changed. We live in a world full of human people, flawed people, and even people with the most evil and malicious intentions.
A few times in my life, in the midst of chaos and tragedy, I feel my heart physically aching for God. This world will never be perfect, but it’s painful to live in a world full of such evil. If the pains of this world cause me to ache, I wonder sometimes what God must be feeling. His creation, and the people he loves, are under attack. Sometimes my boyfriend & I talk about how amazing God’s love is…because he truly, deeply loves all of us. He even loves those who sin, who murder, who do wrong. Those people are still God’s people, and still His creation. I can’t imagine the hurt our God must feel when He sees His creation being killed, and seeing His creation killing.

Please pray for those who are injured from this disaster, and pray for the families and friends of those whose lives were taken from them.

“If we ever needed you, Lord it’s now.”

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