Are you having a good time?

I often evaluate my life and try to make sure I’m enjoying it. Yes, life is hard. I talk a lot about how hard work pays off, about the importance of staying faithful even when it’s difficult, but there’s more to life than trials. In fact, it’s God’s gift to us to find joy in this life.

I lead an unconventional lifestyle. Most girls my age are at a university with a normal schedule…without unexpected surprises popping up everyday. Meanwhile, I have these dreams…these crazy dreams…most of which, I’m sure, the world views as impossible or unrealistic. But why live this life without really living it? Why waste precious time doing something I hate just to be more secure or be “normal”?

Last weekend, I had the best time visiting Colorado. I didn’t want to leave. However, every trip comes to an end. I found myself half asleep on an airplane back to LA…sandwiched between two guys. I was awake enough to carry on with the usual small talk. The man sitting to my right was dressed in a suit and had his briefcase glued to him. I didn’t see him smile, or even let out a polite grin, the entire flight.
When the plane landed, he looked at me and told me he overheard my conversation about living in LA to pursue what I’m passionate about. He urged me not to let go of that. He explained to me that he was married with kids, and was working in the corporate world to pay for their lifestyle. I smiled and told him I’m horrible at the business/corporate world, and I told him the world needs people like him, too. He looked down and said his passion was playing drums. And he said he hadn’t played drums in years.
I attempted to make light of a very sad conversation, so I told him I’m a “starving artist” and joked that at least he had a job that gave him financial security. He glanced back up at me and said:

“If you don’t love what you do, the money means nothing.”

This statement of extreme truth shook me to my core. I was sad for him, but I was somehow uplifted…because he reassured me that no matter how difficult, crazy, or stressful it may be to fulfill my passions, it’s worth it because I’m really living.

The message version of Ecclesiastes 3 says it best:

I made up my mind that there’s nothing better for us to do than to go ahead and have a good time and get the most out of life. That’s it. Eat, drink, and make the most of your job. It’s God’s gift. The most important thing for us men and women is to have a good time in whatever we do-that’s it. Who knows if there’s anything else to life?”

Are you having a good time?

One thought on “Are you having a good time?

  1. You are a wise one, sweet Rachael! Keep living your dream!
    Thanks for sharing! …be assured, I am working on that theory, finding the joy in the small things that come into my day! Love and hugs! Aunt Cheryl

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