Greater than we understand.


Have you ever gone through something in your life that just brings you down a few steps? We all encounter dark times when we truly feel that all is lost. But who do we usually blame for that? God.

Throughout my life, I’ve had a bad habit of getting upset with God when things don’t pan out the way I expected them to, as if I’m somehow entitled to having better. But the truth is, if we are faithful and keep our eyes open, it is impossible to ignore what God is doing all around us. These difficult times are simply God testing and building us for the great things to come. The trials are preparation for our future.

I was reading Job last night when I came to some pretty incredible realizations about my relationship with God. God tested Job…a lot. Through these trials, Job lost everything. He lost his health. His wife even told him to curse God. Even through it all, Job remained faithful and never blamed God for any of it.

What I thought was amazing, was the fact that God spoke to Job to restore him (chapters 38-42). I was thinking about how incredible it would be to have a conversation with God. To audibly hear His voice in the midst of my hardest times. That would be some pretty amazing reassurance.

My favorite verse in Job is:
“Everybody sees God’s work; nobody is too far away to see it. No one can escape from God.” -Job 36:25

God is with us. We can’t escape from His love, and we can’t ignore what he is doing all around us. When things aren’t going the way I want them to, I try to push God away. The beautiful thing is that He doesn’t let that happen. God is with us when we want Him around, when we don’t want Him around, when we’re faithful, when we’re not, when we’re broken, and when we’re restored.

God ended up blessing Job with twice as much as he had before all of his trials, loss and difficulty. This is such an amazing thing to think about. Job was humbled. He didn’t tell God that he knew everything. He didn’t push God away. He didn’t blame God for the terrible things he went through. He remained faithful…and God blessed him for that.

I want to be more like Job in that scenario. No matter what I am going through, I want to be faithful and remain strong.
Be encouraged today. Remember that no matter what you’re going through, no job is too big for God.

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