A couple of years ago, I did a PSA on teenage plastic surgery. It makes me so sad to think that young girls are looking in the mirror and feeling like they aren’t beautiful the way they are. Everyone has something missing in their life. As humans, we tend to fill that void with a quick fix.
These young girls are insecure and feel that a surgical procedure will mend that hurt. In America, and especially in Los Angeles, we will sooner fix our faces with botox or plastic surgery than we will fix our hearts. Have you ever put on your “game face” and smiled through immense pain? We think that if we fix what’s on the outside, it will somehow make us happy again on the inside.

Proverbs 15:13 really says it best. Reading this verse really touched my heart.

“A happy heart makes the face cheerful.”

So we have it all backwards. We are living in reverse. We have to fix our hearts first. We have to let God fill the void of our hurts before assuming that changing our appearance will make us feel better.
I don’t know one woman who isn’t insecure about something. Or a man, for that matter. We all live with flaws and insecurities that can sometimes bring us down. But we have to remember that we have a God who loves us the way we are. God meets us where we are. Whether you are broken, healing, or doing just fine. He is always here.

If you are overwhelmed with insecurity today, especially about your physical appearance, read that verse. Every time something isn’t going right in my life, I try to think of what I should do to fix it. The amazing thing about God is that He wants to be the one to fix us. Let God in and mend your heart before even worrying about what’s on the outside.

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