It’s a new year, which means it’s a chance to start over with a clean slate. Some of the most popular new year resolutions are: exercising more, eating healthier, giving up smoking, etc.

I am terrible when it comes to committing to my resolutions. A while back, I decided to be a vegetarian. That lasted about a week…and at the end of that week, I ate two cheeseburgers in one day.

Every year I tell myself that I want to read the bible more. That, like all of my other resolutions, tends to fade as the year goes on. Why is that? Of course we get busy and caught up in our daily lives, but there’s more to it than that.

I was thinking last night and trying to figure out why most people don’t stick to their resolutions. It occurred to me: people don’t like rules.

The majority of us resist rules, boundaries, and anything that makes us feel controlled. That’s easy to understand, because “rules” sound so negative.

This year, I’m trying to look at things a little differently. I’m not making rules for myself, I’m setting goals. Change can be so positive and so exciting, but if we look at our changes as chores that we have to do, it eliminates the opportunity to be happy and actually stick with it.

Telling myself that I have to read the bible everyday sounds like homework (which is not my favorite thing in the world). But I have been seriously missing the point. It’s not about reading the bible…it’s about getting to know God better. It isn’t a chore for me to open up that book and read, it’s a privilege that I have such an amazing resource to learn about Him.

Telling myself that I’m not allowed to eat cheeseburgers was a TERRIBLE rule, and will definitely never happen again. In the same way, giving myself “God homework” was a burden on my shoulders. We have to change the way we look at change.

I encourage you this year to set exciting, positive goals for yourself 🙂

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