Most likely to succeed.

I remember highschool. Not my favorite times. Status was so important…and for some reason, the acceptance of our peers was crucial to our existence.

I was a metal mouth, Florida humidified haired, musical theater lover. I sound pretty cool, huh? I always thought it was so funny that the class voted on their peers.

Most likely to succeed.

Best hair.

Best dressed.

Class clown.

Most talented.

We are so quick to judge each other…and honestly, we hold our peers to such high standards.

But what standards are we holding ourselves to?

We read things like, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
But do we believe it? If our peers, parents, and even God seem to hold us to these standards and believe we can do big things, why do we sell ourselves short?

One of the reasons I’ve always loved working with children, and even elderly folks with dementia, is the fact that I believe everyone is capable of greatness. We are all made differently, but we are all able to do amazing things with this life. Why? Because we have a God who strengthens us.

We all have roadblocks…things that cause us to struggle in our journey. My big one is doubt.
Whether you have ADHD, dementia, physical disabilities, or just a lack of faith in yourself…remember this:

God thinks you are the most likely to succeed.

If He believes it, shouldn’t we? I encourage you today to stop doubting yourself. No matter what your circumstances are, let God rewrite your yearbook.

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