Create your own perfect holiday home

Make your own holiday home…on a budget!

Even though I live in a little studio apartment, I like to make it feel like home. It’s so important to keep traditions alive. I am so much happier when I carry out the traditions that I grew up with. It’s difficult when you live far away from your family, but it really puts me in the spirit when I create my own holiday home. If you live in an apartment, or just live far away from family, here are some tips to make it feel homey for the holidays (and on a budget, too!) :

1.) Light some holiday candles (my boyfriend just bought me some holiday Glade candles…found at the 99 cent store!)
2.) Something my mama & mimi always did was buy a cinnamon broom. You can find these at any grocery store. They are decorative and make your entire home smell like the holidays!
3.) Go to the dollar store and just get a few holiday decorations. It’s amazing how festive I feel when I put up a few little things to celebrate each holiday.
4.) If you’re having a boring night in, spice it up with some cinnamon hot tea or a cup of hot cocoa (that’s what I’m doing right now!)
5.) Last but definitely not least…cook up some of your favorite holiday dishes. Comfort food is the best! I feel right at home when I make the dishes I grew up eating with my family.

These are just some of my favorites, but it’s all about personalizing your home. Carry out your family traditions, and start your own! Just remember: whether you’re alone, far from family, on a budget, or in a tiny apartment, you can have a beautiful & festive home for the holidays!

If you’re interested in checking out more of my ideas, tips, and holiday favorites, feel free to follow my pinterest site.

Happy Fall! 🙂



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