What’s your therapy?

When you have a long day, a long week, or maybe even a long month, the best thing you can do is get some therapy.

Everyone’s therapy is unique. Working as an activity coordinator, my company really stresses life enrichment. This means it’s my job to come up with what relaxes and brings joy to the residents. Therapy can come in many forms: music, pets, shopping, cooking, exercise, or maybe talking to someone and venting your stress.

I have someone coming into my facility next week bringing a golden retriever to visit the residents. Some of them have such severe dementia that they don’t usually speak. However, when they see an animal, they smile & laugh. A couple of them will be asleep all day, but if they hear a song they know, they’ll sing every word.

My own personal therapy right now is baking. Its been a draining week since I’ve been fighting off being sick and just being exhausted. I couldn’t sleep because I’m so congested, so I decided to bake some lemon bars. Weirdly enough, it really calmed me down.

Life can be crazy, stressful, and busy. If you can’t afford counseling, don’t worry. For the time being, create your own therapy. I can’t afford to go to a spa, but every now and then I’ll just light candles, soak in my tub, and paint my own nails. What soothes each person is different…but it’s so important to create our own relaxation time.

What’s your therapy?

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