Childlike Faith

Have you ever been so excited about something you just want to jump around or dance? Maybe after your first perfect date, you shut the door behind you and danced like an idiot because you just couldn’t hold back the excitement. (Maybe that one’s just me). Or if you’re like my boyfriend, Nathan, maybe you sing a song at the top of your lungs while turning your steering wheel into a drum set.

Think about when you walk into a hotel room. I don’t know about you, but I’m usually so excited to be there I have to fight back the desire to go jump on the perfectly made bed. There are moments in life when we are so ridiculously, genuinely, stupid happy that we turn into kids again. This is how life with Jesus is supposed to be.

In Matthew 18:2, the disciples asked Jesus who would be ranked highest in God’s kingdom. Jesus explained to them that it will be whoever returns to square one and starts over with childlike faith. He stresses the importance of becoming simple again.

I have read this many times, but it is always important for me to look over again. I tend to over analyze and plan. I love Jesus, but I tend to worry too much about things I can’t change. I also stress over the elements I can’t yet comprehend. While He wants us to seek Him and have the desire to learn more, it is so crucial that we don’t lose that fire. We need to have a real, genuine, and simple love for Jesus. It’s easy for Christianity to turn into religion, politics, and reading. But what was it supposed to be? A relationship with Christ.

I encourage you to go jump on a bed, dance around your room, sing as loud as you can, and have a true love for Jesus.

One thought on “Childlike Faith

  1. I love this! Oh and thanks for putting up with all the noise in the Car, just trying to be childlike! I love you child like living mixed with maturity beyond your years. Nice picture by the way, let go there soon!

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