3 Steps



I was just having a little bible time before bed and was trying to read about what God asks of me. Obviously we are human and fall short. I am flawed in many ways, but am striving to better understand how to be the girl God wants me to be.

I’m not always joyful in hope. I’m usually not patient in affliction. I try to always be faithful in prayer, but in this crazy busy world, I can’t lie and say that it always happens either.

These things sound very simple. They seem like actions that we would do naturally. However, it is a very difficult task.

These concepts aren’t very hard to wrap my mind around…just hard to put into action. My goal this week is to try to conquer these three steps. I am going to work on my joyfulness, patience, and faithfulness. I am a planner, therefor it can be difficult for me to give up control of my life. Trusting God isn’t always easy, but I know that His plan makes much more sense than mine.

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