I’m not counting sheep tonight.

A little while ago, one of my friends bought me some star shaped post-it notes. She told me to write down every positive thing that brings me joy throughout the day…no matter how small. The reason this was so valuable is because it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the stresses of life that pile up. But if you write down all of the things that make you smile, you realized how blessed you really are.

Here are some of the things that bring joy to my everyday routine:
-Starting my day with a hot cup of coffee
-Driving to work in a car that has air conditioning
-Working somewhere where I am surrounded by sweet people who make me laugh regularly
-Coming home to a dog who basically has an asthma attack because she’s so excited to see me
-Cooking dinner for me and my sweet boyfriend
-Drinking a cup of sleepy time tea before I fall asleep in my own apartment

These are just a few of the regular everyday things that make me smile. This isn’t even counting all of the unexpected moments of happiness. It’s easy to focus on the stressful moments, but I encourage you to open your eyes to life’s simple pleasures. As you fall asleep tonight, try counting your blessings instead of sheep 🙂

What brings joy to your daily routine?

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