What was I born to do?

This ridiculous photo is me singing “Born to Entertain” at my sixth grade showcase. Not only did I believe I was born to entertain, but I topped it off with a hat & gloves. I still very strongly believe that God gives us gifts and talents that we will use. I also know that I will use my love for music, writing, and performing throughout my entire life.

It’s wonderful that I have goals for my life. However, it is crucial for me to remind myself that God needs to be in the center of my plans. Without Him, none of it will mean a thing.

“When you attempt to live by your own religious plans and projects, you are cut off from Christ and fall out of grace.” -Galatians 5:4

I’m still learning how to balance my plans with what God’s plans are for me…which can sometimes be extremely different. Maybe I was “born to entertain”, but I also know that I was born for much more 🙂

Don’t forget that God’s plans are bigger than the dreams we can come up with. Your dreams and talents will be used, but they will be used in a bigger & better way than you can even imagine.

4 thoughts on “What was I born to do?

  1. OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS PICTURE! AAAAAH. You’re so right. I love you writing. We all have these dreams we want to see come true, but God is the one who will form them into what they need to be. Thanks so much for this today.

  2. Once again the nail has been hit on the head! You ARE doing AMAZING things everyday with ALL the talents GOD has given you! Please, continue to Entertain:-)

  3. I still ask that very question almost every day…..I envy the people who are in tune when they are very young. That alone is a gift. I believe my Spirit was squelched when I was young and it has been a slow, long, struggling journey to where I believe God wants me…..but then doors are closed and I again ask, where do you want me God? And what do you want me to do?

  4. Diana-you are amazing and it is a lifelong journey balancing our life with God’s life for us. It’s a process, but you have done so many beautiful things with your gifts. Thank you for the continuous encouragement.

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