Food is more than something edible.

Everyone has those places from your past that make you reminisce. You know-those places that give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Whether it’s a restaurant, an old movie theater, or a street you grew up on, those good memories never fade…and will probably be passed down to our children someday.

One of my favorite places I’ve ever visited is St. Simon’s Island in Georgia. It’s just one of those magical towns. It is tiny, totally secluded, and absolutely beautiful. I am a sucker for places on the water, and I’m in love with lighthouses. There isn’t much there. Just homes, a few small shops, a bed and breakfast, a Christian bookstore, and one of my favorite restaurants of all time.

“The 4th of May Cafe” has some of the best Southern food I have ever had. Aside from the amazing food, it is just very close to my heart. My Mimi loved St. Simon’s Island. She was also extremely fond of lighthouses. Although I didn’t get nearly enough time with her on this earth, we have so much in common. Oddly enough, her birthday is May 4th…like the name of the restaurant 🙂

My mama and I took a roadtrip to Georgia three years ago for my cousin’s wedding. We made a stop in St. Simon’s Island, and I went to the cafe for the first time. I LOVE side dishes. Veggie casseroles of any kind, all sorts of bread, I love it all. This place by far has some of the best comfort food ever. We loved the place so much that we purchased the cookbook before we left. It definitely has some of the absolute best cooking secrets. My mom sent it to me today, and I couldn’t be more excited to start cooking some amazing Southern dishes for this holiday season! If you live in LA, you will want to be around for my holiday parties this year now that I have the 4th of May cookbook!

I love cooking for many reasons. Not only do I just love eating my delicious creations, but I think there is something so beautiful about bringing my friends and family together. Remember this holiday season as you begin your cooking: Food is more than just something edible. Food can bring people together and make memories and traditions that last a lifetime.

I would love to hear about your favorite places. Places where you have history and traditions. Feel free to comment and share a place that has given you heart-felt memories 🙂

One thought on “Food is more than something edible.

  1. There is a few but I would have to say this little place called Toms where me and my girlfriend would go on Saturday mornings (and sometimes late at night when we had a craving) and have the best good ol’ American food you can think of, Also this magical place called The River Goucho where we went for desserts on our first Valentines. We went to it on a whim and as we walked through the doors it’s like we walked into a scene from 70 years ago it was a perfect memory. Your a great writer.

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