Is it possible to be too prepared?

If you live in Los Angeles and have ever watched the weather channel, you know that it is usually inaccurate. Let’s be honest, for the most part, LA is usually in the mid 70’s. But for some reason, they try to trip me up.
If they say it’s going to be cloudy, it usually isn’t. If they say it’s going to be a cooler day, I find myself overwhelmed with heat.
Yesterday, I was watching the news when an emergency weather alert took over the program. It was a storm warning. Now I’ll admit, it got slightly cloudy in the valley last night…but that’s about it. I’m sure it was probably stormy in other parts of LA, but still, they warn everyone to “be prepared.”
This sort of reminds me of how we tend to look at life. We look so much into the future sometimes that we worry about what hasn’t even happened yet. We prepare ourselves and even stress ourselves out about things that might not ever happen.
I’m a planner. I love being organized and knowing what to expect. I am extremely guilty of worrying about things so much in advance that I can turn small things into a big ordeal.
It’s important to be smart and think things through. It’s also very okay to prepare for our future. But we shouldn’t be so concerned about things that aren’t even in our sight yet.

Remember: take a deep breath and don’t start worrying until you see the storm clouds.

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